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A Minor League team is holding a Bruce Springsteen Appreciation Night this season

Minor League team to hold Bruce Springsteen Night

Wait, you might be thinking, isn't every night Bruce Springsteen Appreciation Night? Of course it is, but when it comes to laying laurels at the Boss' feet, the Lakewood BlueClaws are pros. For the eighth year in a row, the Phillies Class-A affiliate change their name to the "BruceClaws" for a night on July 25. If past events are any example, there will be plenty of Springsteen related activities as well. 

Also on the promotion schedule for that evening is a "scout sleepover." Does that mean the park will be "Open All Night"? There will definitely be music, but I imagine everyone will be tired after all of that "Dancing in the Dark," so an early bedtime will helpful when it comes to "Working on a Dream."

OK, OK, I get the hint, enough Bruce jokes. I'll just skedaddle out of here. After all, I was … "Born to Run." 

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