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Lance McCullers Jr. is excited for all the Astros to get grillz from Paul Wall

Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. has made quite a name for himself this postseason already, most recently by closing out Game 7 of the American League Championship Series by throwing almost exclusively curveballs. McCullers also gained some attention on Sunday when he expressed his excitement for the possibility of getting a rather unusual gift from a Houston icon. 

Rapper Paul Wall has been following the Astros' run all season long, and their AL pennant prompted a special offer:

McCullers was understandably intrigued by the proposition. 

So what's the latest on this potentially historic grillz transaction? We caught up with McCullers at World Series Media Day and checked in on if he's heard anything back from Mr. Wall, and which teammates he thinks could rock the grillz the best. Check out the clip above to hear more. 

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