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The LeBron James-Dwyane Wade World Series bet is official, and fashion is on the line

We already knew that Cleveland native LeBron James and Chicago native Dwyane Wade were going to place a friendly wager on the World Series. A couple very important questions remained, however: Just what would be on the line? And why did the "and more" tacked on the end feel so very ominous?

Now that the Fall Classic is underway -- with LeBron's Indians picking up a 6-0 win in Game 1 on Tuesday -- we finally have some answers. According to a video Wade posted to his Twitter account, the loser will have to wear the victor's jersey to the opposing team's city this season:

So, for example, if the Cubs win, James will wear a Chicago uniform to the arena when the Cavs visit the Bulls in December. LeBron didn't hesitate to accept, with all the confidence of a man whose team is already up 1-0 in the series: 

Who will eventually suffer such a fashion faux pas? Tune in to Game 2 tonight to keep up to date (7 p.m. ET game time on FOX, 6 p.m. ET pregame show on FS1). Here's hoping that the loser takes "dressing up" very seriously, and comes to the arena in a full baseball uniform -- complete with stirrups.