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Let's figure out which general managers would be the best baseball players in 2018

The Winter Meetings are a time for general managers to come together in one place and discuss ways to improve their respective rosters through trades, free agency or any other creative transactional maneuvering they can come up with. Of course, the best way for GMs to make their teams better is by adding good, proven baseball players -- they build the team, and the players play the games.

But what if the GMs had to suit up as well?

While nearly every manager at the big league level has significant professional playing experience, fewer and fewer top-level front-office executives in today's game have much experience on the field. Only one current GM -- the Mariners' Jerry Dipoto -- played at the big league level, while four others played at the Minor League level. Twelve GMs played collegiately, while the remaining 13 did not play at all past high school. 

We decided to analyze this new front-office landscape with a fun thought experiment. With the help of columnist Anthony Castrovince, we each drafted a trio of general managers based on how much we think they could help a big league team right now. Check out the video at the top of the page to hear our selections.