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Tampa Bay sports join forces as Lightning visits Tropicana Field for BP, first pitch

Tampa Bay sports party as Lightning visits Rays

People of Tampa Bay, I need you to take a minute to compose yourselves. Sit down, take a few deep breaths and clear your minds. I have something to show you, and I don't want to send the entire Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area into shock.

OK, you ready?

From left to right: Evan Longoria, Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerlad McCoy and Lightning forward Steven Stamkos. It's a Tampa Bay sports extravaganza!

After storming through the Eastern Conference (YEA) and coming up just short in the Stanley Cup Finals (their opponents, the Blackhawks, visited Wrigley Field last week), a few Lightning players hit up Tropicana Field on Tuesday to check in on their baseball counterparts, take some BP and throw out the first pitch before the Rays game against the Blue Jays. McCoy showed up as Tampa's gridiron representative for #TeamTampaBay.

Stamkos took a few hacks:

And goalie Ben Bishop showed off his home run swing, in case you were wondering what it looks like when a hockey player launches a dinger. This was just the first of four (!): 

You know, if they ever get tired of the ice, the Lightning might have a future on the mound. Here are Stamkos, Biship, Alex Killorn and Braydon Coburn hurling four first pitches: 

Additional reporting via George Pappas, Real-Time Correspondent.  

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