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Francisco Lindor hit a homer, missed first base and went back to touch it -- but not without flashing a smile

If there's one thing you know about Francisco Lindor, it's that he's really good. You probably also know how much he loves to smile. Like, all the time, even when hitting homers.

In the Indians' Spring Training game with the Dodgers on Thursday night at Goodyear Ballpark, Lindor was facing switch-pitcher Pat Venditte in the sixth inning. Lindor broke his bat fouling off a pitch, prompting coach Carlos Baerga to toss him a new one from the dugout ... and Lindor promptly cracked a homer with his fresh lumber. 

The problem? Lindor missed first base while saluting Baerga (a fact pointed out by's Jordan Bastian) for his new bat, realized it halfway to second, and retreated to first. Of course he smiled: 


If you needed one on-field moment to describe Lindor to your friends, this is probably it.