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Listen to Vin Scully speak in awe of the beards on display during the Dodgers-Padres game

Tuesday's Dodgers-Padres game featured a pair of rosters filled with impressive beards. And in the seventh inning, when the bearded Dale Thayer pitched to the bearded Justin Turner, who popped out to the bearded Matt Kemp, Vin Scully was prompted to reflect on the state of MLB facial hair in 2015:

"I'm absolutely amazed about the beards. I can remember when the No. 1 sponsor for the World Series was Gillette -- I mean they sold a lot of blades and shaving cream. … Look at them, I mean it's amazing. … Here's Jimmy [Rollins]: He settles for a kind of Fu Manchu mustache."

Well, that settles it. We need a Ken Burns-style documentary about beards narrated by Vin Scully, pronto.