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Behind the deal: Logan Morrison gives human side of what it's like to be traded

For fans, trade rumors are one of the more exciting parts of the Winter Meetings. Robbie Cano is going where? Carlos Beltran is coming here? David Price is being traded there? But have you ever wondered how the actual players feel in these situations?

Marlins lifer Logan Morrison, who was rumored to be dealt (and eventually traded to the Mariners on Wednesday), wrote a letter reflecting on these feelings of anxiety, unease and excitement for him and his entire family. A few passages are below, but please check out the entire thing at

The other side of me - the emotional side - is going crazy! I have been a Marlin since they signed me in 2006. I've been going to the same back fields in Jupiter, Fla., since I was 18 years old! The people who've helped me become a manboth on and off the field, are employed mostly by the Marlins. I hope those people know who they are because otherwise this thank you will fall on deaf ears. I am forever in your debt!


The rumors affect my family more than me. For those who don't know, I was raised a military brat. So, I am used to the gypsy life style. My wife has lived in Jupiter for nine years. She established roots that were just starting to blossom. She will have a harder time leaving than I will.
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