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Los Angeles vs. Houston: Which World Series city is better?

We're finally here. After nearly eight months from the start of Spring Training through the National and American League Championship Series presented by Camping World, two teams remain. Game 1 of the World Series presented by YouTube TV between the Astros and Dodgers is set to begin Tuesday night in Los Angeles (7:30 p.m. ET air time/8 p.m. ET game time on FOX).

If you've been a fan of the Astros or Dodgers for your whole life -- or even just for this one season or playoff run -- you already know who you'll be cheering for in this Series. The rest of us may need a little help to decide on a team to root for. Luckily, we've assembled this handy side-by-side guide to help you discover which city resonates most closely with your sensibilities.

Best space-related attraction

Everyone knows about the Johnson Space Center, which served as Mission Control for Apollo, Gemini and other space flights. And, yes, that's why "Apollo 13" has Jim Lovell saying, "Houston, we have a problem."

In addition, the Johnson Space Center is the site at which most U.S. astronauts receive their training. It possesses such an iconic place in the American cultural landscape that Houston has been nicknamed "Space City" due to its presence.

If you want to learn more about space itself and not just American missions into space, Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory may be more up your alley. The grounds provide great views of the city and the Hollywood sign. Its planetarium has been used to train pilots in navigation and astronauts in the Apollo program. So, you can learn about space where the pros learned.

Best contribution to pop music

Houston has made contributions to rock (ZZ Top) and folk (Townes Van Zandt), but one figure has easily towered above all of the city's musical prodcuts. It's not difficult to make an argument that Beyonce has been the most dominant figure in American pop music in the last 20 years. From her work in Destiny's Child up through her current ambitious work with "Lemonade," Beyonce has seemingly had her finger on the musical pulse of the country and world.

Los Angeles wouldn't be Los Angeles if it didn't have some star power of its own. Ask a slightly younger fan of pop music and he or she may well tell you that L.A. native Miley Cyrus is the most iconic figure on the scene. In addition to filling the airwaves with bangers, Miley certainly doesn't shy away from controversy in her live performances and expressing her views.

It's hard to compete with the breadth and depth of Beyonce's contributions to the pop music landscape, but Miley is possibly well on her way to doing just that.

Best sign

Unless you're talking to a lifelong Cubs fan who prefers the Wrigley Field marquee or a tourist who likes the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada" sign, you're unlikely to encounter any argument if you state that the Hollywood sign is the most iconic in the United States. It's beauty rests not only in its simplicity -- block white letters -- but its placement on the verdant slopes of Mount Lee.


Houston may not have a landmark with the recognition of the Hollywood sign, but it's got an inspiring piece of art all its own. Over I-45 near downtown Houston is a work of street art that not only looks cool, but inspires the viewer.


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Best martial arts film

A tale of a young man finding his true purpose in a new setting, surrounded by a host of new challenges and characters. 1984's The Karate Kid is a celebrated coming-of-age story, and Daniel LaRusso's was set in Reseda -- a suburb of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley, about 30 minutes away from Dodger Stadium (traffic-permitting). A classic film, it's pretty tough to argue with this one.

Starring martial arts master/action hero Chuck Norris and the late Jonathan Brandis, 1992's Sidekicks was set in Houston. While perhaps not as memorable as The Karate Kid, Sidekicks does boast a pretty sweet central theme: Brandis' character idolizes Norris, who portrays himself in the film and yes, the two do some good fighting, bonding, and learning together:

Best local cuisine

Right outside the stadium gates in Los Angeles, you can find a venerable smorgasbord of culinary delights -- including vegan fare, chain restaurants, cantinas, gourmet pizzerias, tacos and an abundance of spots offering Mexican-inspired cuisine. It's all delicious, and extremely L.A. 

Similarly, Houston boasts some top-flight Tex-Mex options, the best kinds of which you tend to find in the Southwestern United States. Dig in!

Biggest NBA star fan

It's no secret that the Dodgers have strong connections with the Lakers, thanks to owning partner Magic Johnson, who has put in more than his fair share of time cheering on the team at Dodger Stadium (or from Staples Center). Sometimes, the foul balls even come to him:

Houston, however, has an NBA legend of its own in Clyde Drexler. The Hall of Famer even threw out the first pitch before Game 6 during the Astros' ALCS comeback against the Yankees. Maybe he's a good-luck charm.


By the numbers!

Category Houston Los Angeles
Date of founding 1837 1781
Population 2.3
Restaurants Guy Fieri has visited 10 20
Retired numbers in baseball 10 10
Square miles in Altuves 123.1 92.8