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Luis Gonzalez saved a woman from a burning car wreck

Some D-backs fans may have already called Luis Gonzalez a "hero" for what he did in the 2001 World Series against Mariano Rivera. Well, this past Friday, Gonzalez became nothing short of a superhero when he pulled a woman from a fiery car crash. 
The current D-backs senior adviser was driving on the highway in Arizona when he witnessed a head-on collision. As you can hear in the main clip above, Gonzo didn't think twice about helping out.
"[I] just jumped into reaction. Your sports and baseball instincts kinda took in and, you don't think, you just react. I jumped out of the car and my buddy Mike ran over to the guy who hit the car and I ran over to where the elderly lady was. I tried to get her out of the car. It was locked and I kept looking back and seeing flames starting to come out of the car that hit her. I was starting to panic a little bit and she finally reached over, and she was dazed, and hit the unlock, and I was able to get her out of the seat belt and carry her out of the car."
Here's a couple still shots from the scene:

Fortunately, nobody in the accident ended up seriously injured. Thanks, in large part, to Luis Gonzalez.