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Mac Williamson's massive scoreboard blast one-upped Brandon Crawford on back-to-back dingers

Do you remember that feeling when you'd get a test back in school and you'd be so proud of your B+, only to look over at your best friend's desk and see an 'A' staring back at you? 

I wonder if that's how Brandon Crawford felt on Saturday night. Facing the D-backs, the Giants shortstop went deep in the top of the fourth inning with an opposite field shot that landed a few rows back in the seats. A perfectly fine and wonderful home run. It's something to be proud of, something to call your parents after the game about and say "Hey, did you see that?!"

But Mac Williamson came up next and simply had to show off. Swinging on a first pitch fastball, Williamson crushed it high and deep off the Arizona scoreboard. Statcast™ measured its projected distance at a cool 459.7 feet. 


While Crawford and Williamson put on a show, it wasn't enough. The Giants lost to Arizona, 6-5