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Presenting the best pitch faces from the NL Wild Card Game pitchers' duel

The National League Wild Card Game matchup between the Giants and Mets was, as advertised, quite the pitchers' duel. Noah Syndergaard pitched seven innings, allowed two hits while walking three batters and notched 10 strikeouts. Bumgarner, meanwhile, pitched a four-hit shutout while striking out six as the Giants prevailed, 3-0

It was, in a certain parlance, an ace-off.

But as they went pitch-for-pitch on the mound, another battle was played a few inches higher, on their faces. Both have a habit of making exquisite facial expressions when exerting the effort to throw a ball 95 mph, and they were in postseason form on Wednesday night. It was, in another parlance, a (PITCH) FACE-OFF.

Syndergaard started on the mound firing 99-mph fastballs while becoming the human thinking face emoji:


Bumgarner followed, pitching like he had a hunk of beef jerky lodged in his teeth:


Seriously, Syndergaard was working on a math problem that was really tough:


Bumgarner made, uh, this face:






Ten strikeouts in a postseason game isn't always pretty, you know:


But this face? This is the face of #EvenYearMagic: