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Madison Bumgarner hits against Aroldis Chapman, fares better than most batters

Most batters do not fare well against Reds closer Aroldis Chapman. Take this year's All-Star Game. Take Javier Baez:


See Enrique Hernandez:


Fact is, he throws the baseball very fast and batters have trouble seeing it -- let alone hitting it. But do you know who looked pretty good in an at-bat against the Statcast-breaker during Tuesday's Reds-Giants game? Pinch-hitter/ace pitcher/genius mechanic Madison Bumgarner. The 2014 World Series MVP came into the game with two runners on and his team down three in the eighth inning. He fell behind 1-2, had a good rip at a 99-mph fastball -- fouling it back -- and then drew a walk. 

The Giants scored a run that inning and ended up tying the game at 8 before losing in extras. Still, MadBum fared better than most do against Chapman. MadBum is a pitcher. MadBum is a treasure.