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After another dinger, it's time to stop saying Madison Bumgarner hits a lot of HRs 'for a pitcher'

It's official, Madison Bumgarner is a home run hitter. He's not a pitcher who happens to hit home runs (though he is the active leader), or a player who requires any other kind of qualification. When you think of baseball's most fearsome sluggers, regardless of position, Bumgarner should be right there. The evidence:

During the Giants' 6-0 win over the Braves on Thursday, he launched a two-run shot that opened San Francisco's six-run fifth inning.

It was his second this year, and the 13th of his career. Bumgarner is one of only two pitchers to hit multiple home runs so far this season, joining Noah Syndergaard (who hit both of his in one game). Some other players with two home runs this season: Mark Reynolds, Jason Heyward, Juan Uribe.

Bumgarner is now tied for seventh among Giants players in homers with Matt Duffy, Angel Pagan and Denard Span, despite having a quarter (at most) of their at-bats. If Bumgarner had the same number of at-bats as team-leader Buster Posey, he might have the most home runs on the team.


And if you look at Bumgarner's last 190 plate appearances ... well, in his company are two of the best hitters of his generation.

Basically, he's been downright Ruthian.

If you gave him a full 550 plate appearances this season, he would be on pace to break 30 home runs -- and yes, small sample size, but this is also the earliest he's hit his second homer of the year, so he's at least got a good shot at breaking last year's career high of five. 

There are only so many times we can remind the world of Bumgarner's dinger-mashing proclivities before we accept it as a fundamental truth of the baseball universe. His track record and company speaks for itself.

Madison Bumgarner is a home run hitter. No position qualification necessary.