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In a battle of pitchers hitting, Madison Bumgarner appeared as a pinch-hitter

Putting the 'NL' back into the NLDS, the Cubs and Giants conspired to make the Cubs'  Saturday's Game 2 a smorgasbord of pitchers hitting. Kyle Hendricks singled and drove in two and Travis Wood entered and smashed a home run. While rare to see in a postseason game, Wood has nine regular-season home runs, trailing only Yovanni Gallardo (12) and Madison Bumgarner (14).

That meant there was no other choice but for Bruce Bochy to counter by bringing in Bumgarner, that supreme crusher of baseballs, to pinch-hit in the top of the fifth inning. Having already pinch-hit and batted in an AL ballpark earlier this year, this was old news for the starter-turned-slugger. On the second pitch, Bumgarner ripped a ground ball to third base. A certain out? Ah, but you forget, this at-bat featured pitcher-hitting magic. Kris Bryant uncorked a wild throw to first and the Giants pitcher found himself on second base. 


While Bumgarner has now racked up 11 plate appearances as a pinch-hitter in his career, he's got a ways to go if he wants to catch Red Lucas. The pitcher who led the league in complete games three separate times also has the record for most pinch-hit appearances as a pitcher, with an astonishing 437

Tune in to watch the Giants take on the Cubs in Game 3 of the NLDS on Monday at 9:30 pm ET on FS1.