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Madison Bumgarner tells Travis Ishikawa he isn't cool enough to wear Mike Trout's shoes

Travis Ishikawa and Mike Trout are both professional baseball players. Beyond that, the similarities kind of end. While Trout is the likely frontrunner for this year's AL MVP Award and has begun his career at a Hall of Fame-caliber pace, Ishikawa is a 30-year-old veteran with 22 home runs in his career. In 2014, Trout had that many home runs by July 20. 

But during Saturday night's Game 1 of the NLCS, Ishikawa not only singled in the Giants first run of the night, but he also showed off a little Trout-like defense on this diving snag: 

After the Giants' victory against the Cardinals, Ishikawa found a new pair of Trout's Nike cleats in his locker. Unfortunately, Ishikawa may not be cool enough to pull them off. Said the Giants outfielder: 

"I opened them up and Bum was right next to me in the locker, and I showed him the cleats and I said, 'Am I cool enough to pull these off?' And he said without hesitation 'No.' 

"And I wanted to get some second and third opinions, and those guys were a little less straightforward. They had a little hesitation before they answered yes, which I knew they were lying."

That doesn't mean that Ishikawa won't be wearing the kicks, though.

" saying was, if I look fast and feel fast, maybe I'll be fast, so..."

Which is the same reason I still wear Batman underwear as a full-grown adult.