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Madison Bumgarner wears a suit and tie for the first time ... in his life


Madison Bumgarner is a big country music fan, so it's not incredibly shocking that he can't relate to Justin Timberlake's hit single "Suit & Tie", but this is a bit ridiculous.

According to Tom Verducci's profile on Bumgarner, the reigning World Series MVP had to buy his first suit so that he could dress appropriately to accept his award as Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year.

There would be, however, one obvious change in his life as a consequence of being named Sportsman of the Year: Bumgarner would have to acquire the first suit and tie he ever owned.

Though Bumgarner is 25 years old, he's from down home in Lenoir, N.C. where there's not much pressure to dress for the Ritz. He even managed to avoid a similar such situation by rocking his best blue jeans at his own wedding. Apparently the Sportsman of the Year Award carries enough clout to get him to dress to the nines.