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Marco Scutaro was wearing the wrong jersey on Thursday night

The Giants have a lot of jerseys to keep track of. Orange jerseys. "Gigantes" jerseys. Throwback jerseys. Turn-ahead-the-clock jerseys, even if they haven't worn those since 1999.

They're also the only MLB team to have two different gray road jerseys. One with "SAN FRANCISCO" across the chest, and one with their "SF" cap logo on the left breast. The latter is supposed to only be worn on Sundays. The Giants game on Thursday was not on Sunday.

Everyone on the team played the entire game against the Astros in the proper, non-Sunday uniform except for Marco Scutaro. Scutaro was wearing the correct uniform until the fourth inning, when he inexplicably changed into the SF one, while the Giants were losing. He changed back...and San Francisco proceeded to come from behind to defeat Houston 8-4. And if you ever needed evidence of a jersey's importance, you just got it.

-- Dan Wohl /