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Marcus Stroman tweeted from class when he heard that David Price was traded to the Blue Jays

Stroman tweeted from class when Price was traded

Were you ever in class and, by the time you got out, found out that your friends had left for an impromptu road trip -- telling you, "We tried to reach you, but your phone was off while you were learning?" Well, today's story is kind of like that, except much cooler, because it involves Major League Baseball, deadline deals and Twitter. 

Marcus Stroman, currently working on his degree while recovering from a knee injury this season, tweeted that he was heading to class, and he needed people to keep him in the loop when he wasn't on the transaction beat. 

A half hour later, news broke that the Blue Jays would be acquiring the top remaining pitcher on the trade wire in David Price, with top prospect Daniel Norris along with Matt Boyd and Jairo Labourt heading to Detroit. Stroman was stunned. 

The man with some of the best hair in baseball couldn't contain his joy for long: 

No word on how his professor felt about all the tweeting and the giddy giggling that was probably breaking out in the classroom at this time. At least Stroman apologized. 

Stroman isn't the only Jay who is excited to have the Cy Young winner in the fold. 

(And if you're wondering why Toronto is called "The 6," it's because of using-Blue-Jays-in-diss-tracks Drake.)

Danny Valencia is so happy he wants to call forth the memes: 

Even former Jays got in on it, with Vernon Wells texting GM Alex Anthopoulos:

Of course, they're going to need to wait a little while before Price joins the team. After all, he needs to take BP. 

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