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Hey, Canada: Marcus Stroman says you need to go vote right now (and then watch the Blue Jays)

The fundamental principle of democracy is that every person should have a vote. Your vote is, arguably, your most valuable possession. It can't be bought, sold or transferred. It's yours and yours alone. You choose who to use it on -- or even not to use it -- but all that matters is, it's your choice.

Marcus Stroman, Blue Jays pitcher and Duke University alumnus, recognizes just how important and revolutionary the process of voting is. And on Monday, which just so happens to be Canada's election day, he urged Canadians to exercise their right to vote ... and then watch the Blue Jays.

In an appearance on Sportsnet's Tim and Sid show, Stroman made sure to point out that anyone in Canada wishing to vote (which should be everyone) had plenty of time to head to the polls and watch the Blue Jays take on the Royals in Game 3 of the ALCS.

That's right: Go vote and then watch some baseball. It's basically your patriotic duty.