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Celebrate Mariano Rivera's induction into Monument Park with his best photobomb

The Yankees' Monument Park got a little more crowded on Sunday afternoon as the team honored baseball's all-time saves leader and owner of the greatest cutter in baseball history, Mariano Rivera, with his very own plaque. Joined by his long-time teammates, with players like Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada making the trip, Rivera even made a Joe DiMaggio reference during his speech: 

But the best part of the weekend didn't come from the fesitivities, rather it came the day before. That's because Joe Torre went to take a selfie with Pettitte and Darryl Strawberry. Not that weird, right?

Oh, wait, who's that hanging out over Joe Torre's shoulder?!


Maybe that's why Rivera entered to "Enter Sandman." Not to intimdate the opponent, but to prevent him from sneaking up on people.