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Mariners remain alive on regular season's final day after dramatic 11th-inning walk-off

Mariners 11-inning win kept them alive for final day

With the Mariners' elimination number down to one, any combination of an Athletics victory or a Mariners loss would end Seattle's postseason hopes. But after the Athletics lost 5-4 to the Rangers earlier in the evening, the M's still had a chance. They would just need to beat the Angels.

With the game tied at one thanks to an RBI double from Logan Morrison in the bottom of the 7th:


The Mariners loaded the bases with no outs in the bottom of the ninth. Two strikeouts and an Austin Jackson lineout later it looked like the Mariners may have blown their best chance. 

But because the baseball gods are kind and want an extra day of baseball tiebreakers, Jackson had another chance in the bottom of the 11th. With runners at the corners and one out, the Angels put in the always-fun five-man infield. Although they were able to get the out at second (with the routine 4-7 flip), Jackson was safe at first base allowing the winning run to score.


With that, the M's were still alive and ready to celebrate. 


Still one game back of the A's with one to play, the Mariners will have Felix Hernandez and his newly-lowered 2.18 ERA taking on the Angels' Cory Rasmus. Expect plenty of this when the game starts at 4:10 ET. 


But the M's will need a little help in the form of an A's loss if they want a Wild Card tiebreaker on Monday. Sonny Gray takes on the Rangers' Nick Martinez at 3:05, so expect a fair amount of scoreboard watching in Seattle. 

And because those baseball gods are really nice, there are two more divisional races yet to be decided. If the Cardinals and Tigers lose and the Pirates and Royals win, then Monday could feature three Game 163s.

So cancel your plans, order some takeout and prepare to tune in for the final full slate of games in a day until next spring.

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