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There were three grand slams Tuesday night because MLB knows how much you love them

Occasionally, MLB as a collective entity seems to be in a mood that makes the baseballs fly out of stadiums. The players just seem to know how much everyone loves to gorge themselves on home runs, especially the multi-RBI kind. Tuesday night, with more than 125 total runs across the league, was such a night.

And did we mention there were three (!) grand slams? Three at-bats, nine men on base, 12 RBIs and a whole lot of pitcher headaches: Christmas in July, indeed. 

First, Franklin Gutierrez. Coming in as a pinch-hitter in the eighth inning of the Mariners-Tigers game with his team down 8-7, Guti (or, as Baseball Reference lists his nickname, Death to Flying Things) launched a pitch from Neftali Feliz to turn a one-run deficit into a three-run lead, and ultimately a win.


Fun fact: It was the Mariners' second pinch-hit grand slam ever. It was also Gutierrez's second homer of the season -- both coming against the Tigers.

Next, Matt Holliday -- who instead of late-game heroics, hit a "how about I break this thing open?" kind of grand slam. The Cardinals were already up 3-0 over the White Sox in the fourth inning when Holliday gave his team a seven-run lead that the Sox would never overcome.


Finally, to wrap up what was already a long-ball bonanza in MLB, Hector Sanchez matched Holliday's game-breaking ability with his first home run of the season, turning a 5-0 Giants lead over the Padres into a super-extra-secure 9-0 lead in the sixth inning.

And yes, you are correct: That bat flip is Sanchez saying, "This game is over."