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Mariners fans bid farewell to Ichiro at Safeco

Ten All-Star appearances, 10 Gold Gloves, 2,533 hits, 438 steals, the 2001 MVP award ... and, oh yeah, an arm like a canon.

No hard feelings, Ichiro. None at all.

Seattle fans had nothing but good things to say about their prized right fielder being traded to the Yanks and some even wished him a World Series title. One New York fan had already stitched up a makeshift No. 31 Bombers jersey before Monday's first pitch at Safeco.

"I've got a great amount of respect for Ichiro," another fan said. "I actually fell in love with the game of baseball because of Ichiro and his work ethic."

How will those 38-year-old legs hold up under the pressure of the Big Apple? Only time will tell.

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