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Giancarlo Stanton lost his glove beyond the wall so he had to get a new one

Playing good defense often comes down to effort and the willingness to make sacrifices, whether on a dive, running into a wall or falling into the stands. During Sunday afternoon's game against the Dodgers, Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton sacrificed his glove in his defensive efforts.

Leading off the top of the 4th inning, Chris Taylor hit a fly ball out to the right-field wall that Stanton had to leap to try to catch. The ball bounced off the wall, but Stanton's glove went over it.


Stanton must have really liked that glove, because his first reaction was to go ranging beyond the wall to retrieve it.


On his decision to not venture beyond the wall, Stanton told's Patrick Pinak that there was "not enough space for me to go down there, but I could see it down there." Unable to retrieve his glove, he had to settle for a brand new mitt, delivered by his squire.


Winter is coming, and, fortunately, Stanton remains armed to defend the wall in the coming battle.