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Miguel Rojas may have a broken thumb, but he can still flip a bat into the ether

Marlins infielder Miguel Rojas is expected to be out until mid-summer with a fracture in his right thumb. While he may not be healthy enough to hit Major League pitching with a wooden bat, he is very clearly healthy enough to hit Little League pitching with a plastic bat, as his son found out Sunday.

With only three home runs in his four-year Major League career, Rojas hasn't had many opportunities to flip his bat in real games. His son found himself on the receiving end of his father's pent-up energy.

The next time the younger Rojas takes the mound, you can be sure he won't leave a hanger like the one his dad hit into the neighbor's yard. But, if he hits a dinger of his own, he would do well to emulate his father.

[h/t Yahoo Sports]