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Marlins Park is well on its way to becoming a pretty sweet racetrack

For six months or so, Major League ballparks serve as the home for all the dingers, dramatics and fan shenanigans of the baseball season. And then, all of a sudden, the lights go dark. What about the rest of the year? Unlike us, stadiums can't just continually refresh Twitter for Hot Stove rumors, so how should they spend the offseason?

As it turns out, Marlins Park came up with a pretty cool answer: Turn into a racetrack.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, the Race of Champions will come to the home of the Marlins, giving South Florida a chance to see some jaw-dropping speed. (You know, considering they won't be able to watch Dee Gordon until this spring.) And speaking of Gordon, he has some questions about the track's layout:

To be fair, when the velocity of your dingers could beat most cars in a race, you've earned some deference.