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Marlins prospect Destin Hood blasts a mammoth homer off 'Hit it to win it' pickup truck

The Memphis Redibrds, Triple-A affiliate for the Cardinals, have a pickup truck parked beyond the left-field fence. If a player hits a target next to that pickup truck, a lucky fan can take the automobile home with them. Granted, this area of the ballpark is not within reach for most batters. They would need to carry it 360 feet over the fence, then up and over the seven-foot brick wall that surrounds the entire ballpark and finally up on top of the bluff that overlooks the field.

For Destin Hood, outfielder for the visiting New Orleans Zephyrs on Sunday night, that's mere child's play:

We're not sure if hitting the actual truck gets a fan the prize, but it should. Hood should also get a truck and everything else he's ever wanted because, at least in this at-bat, he seems like a powerful, dinger-mashing machine.