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The Marlins are trying to change destiny itself with a new 'Back to the Future' promotion

Marlins' new promotion might change destiny itself

As the prophecies foretell, in 2015, two teams will clash in the the Series of the World. One will hail from the city of wind and the other ... 

OK, OK, we're dropping the act, because by this point you know we're talking about "Back to the Future II," right? When Marty ends up in the year 2015, the Cubs play an unnamed team from Miami in the World Series and win in a sweep. But if Miami has learned anything from the "Back to the Future" franchise, it's that you can and should use time travel to mess with history as much as you want.

With that in mind, the Marlins will begin a season-long promotion in which they attempt to rewrite the future so that Miami wins. Presumably this will involve author Giancarlo Stanton:


There will also be a series of promotions throughout the summer, with giveaways including an alligator logo ALCS tee-shirt and a Billy McFly bobblehead. On the night of Sept. 25, you're encouraged to come to Marlins park in your spiffiest Nike Power Laces. If you're lucky, you might end up in 1885, where you can introduce and take credit for batting helmets or the designated hitter rule. Or, you know, penicillin. It's really up to you.

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