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Marwin Gonzalez nabs grounder, throws out runner without the benefit of seeing first base

Living is easy with eyes closed 

-- John Lennon, almost definitely not about baseball

Had Lennon been alive to witness Houston's Marwin Gonzalez play shortstop, though, we like to think it would've been. Monday night against the Orioles, Gonzalez turned Manny Machado's ground ball up the middle into a Jedi training exercise, freeing himself from man's misguided clinging to physical "sight" and offering up his faith to the Baseball Gods:

Marwin Gonzalez throw

In some way, are we not all Marwin Gonzalez, spinning through our existence on this Earth, heaving the ball as best we can though we know we cannot see our true target? Trapped in our dim cave, grasping at the faint flicker of light against the wall?

(No, because Marwin Gonzalez is good at baseball. Sorry.)