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Matt Kemp goes in search of lost time with diving catch followed by somersault

Matt Kemp makes diving catch followed by somersault

Think back to your childhood years, if you can. Try and remember those early days when you played on the swingset without a care in the world (have a bite of those petite madeleines if you need to shock your senses ...). Remember how often you would just do somersaults all the time -- just for fun? And now, if you were to try to roll yourself end over end, you'd probably end up in the hospital with a slipped disk? 

Matt Kemp remembers. After making a diving catch on Todd Frazier's dying liner in the bottom of the third on Friday night, the Padres right fielder decided to go for a quick spin on the outfield grass. It was a statement of fun, of exuberance, of a man giving in to physical forces. 


As Proust himself may have written about this catch: 

"The path that he followed being fixed for ever in his memory by the general excitement due to being in a strange place, to doing unusual things."

Of course, Kemp may not have been making an overt gesture to recapture his childhood. He could simply have thought he was playing soccer and was trying to draw a foul on the play: 

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