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Meet the Braves newest pitcher: Sugar Ray Marimon

Meet Braves pitcher Sugar Ray Marimon

Sugar Ray Marimon is a 26-year-old pitcher in the Braves organization. On Monday, he was called up to the big club. The right-hander posted five strikeouts and a 1.29 ERA in seven innings during Spring Training.


He also happens to share a name with one of the premier rock bands of the 1990s.

Before you begin asking, "What does he just want to do?" or "If I close my eyes, will he take me there," Marimon isn't actually named after the band, considering he was born in 1988 and "Fly" wasn't released until 1997.

And, unfortunately, it's not a case of sweet, sweet serendipity.'s Mark Bowman reports that Marimon's father was just a big Sugar Ray Leonard fan.

Marimon has played in the Dominican Winter and Minor Leagues since 2007 after first signing with the Royals. What would it take to leapfrog Mark McGrath and Co. in the Official Sugar Ray Power Rankings?

1. Sugar Ray (the band)

2. Sugar Ray (the boxer)

3. Sugar Ray Marimon

5,321. Sugar Ray, a small defunct Jacksonville-based sugar company.


Only time will tell.

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