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Meet the Giants fans who knew San Francisco would be in the World Series back in April

Meet the Giants fans who flew from California to KC

"When did you decide to come out from San Francisco to KC?"

"I would say it was in April."

Yes, this intrepid pair of Giants fans made the hike to Kauffman Stadium for Game 6 of the World Series and for them, the trip was preordained.

"We've been confident that they were going to go to the World Series since way before this," explained one fan with a Giants-colored necktie wrapped around his head.

"It's an even number," continued his equally dapper partner, referring to the Giants' every-other-year routine for winning Fall Classics.

The pair made it to two of the Giants' 3-game homestead in the series, and then flew out to KC for Game 6. When did they know they were going to Missouri?

"I pretty much predicted it once Lester got traded to the A's … I booked my tickets here, yea."

 And don't think they have any ill will toward Kansas City. In fact, their agenda seems rather benevolent: "We could just come here, dial it in and get weird, and just pump up the crowd, you know," he explained.

"The Kansas City crowd has been really nice, one of the best we've ever been to," added his friend.

But they wouldn't be Giants fans without sneaking in a little trash talk. When asked how the crowd at Kauffman Stadium compares to AT&T Park, one of the fans replied simply, "I would say it's pretty quiet."

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