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After the inning ended, Melky Cabrera tasked Chicago's Yolmer Sanchez to take care of his gear

If you're caught on the bases at the end of an inning, you're left in an awkward position. Do you sprint for the dugout to return your batting gear and grab your cap and glove? Do you stand there and wait for the batboy to come collect your gear like a knighted gentry? Do you just fling your batting helmet and gloves into foul territory? 

Melky Cabrera came up with a new way of handling the situation during Sunday's 8-1 loss to the White Sox. After Salvador Perez lined out to end the inning, Cabrera simply handed his helmet to the Chicago's Yolmer Sanchez, leaving him to take on the duties of the batboy. Hopefully he went full Bertie Wooster and called Yolmer "Jeeves." 


That wasn't the only instance of a Major Leaguer taking up "BB" duties for the day. After leaping over Gorkys Hernandez's accidentally launched bat, Clayton Kershaw dutifully jogged to pick it up to return it to its rightful owner: