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Melvin Upton Jr., baseball superhero, hits longest Padres HR in Statcast history and turns unreal DP

Maybe we should've seen it coming. What, with the other-worldly Superman strength earlier this season:

Or the Spider-Man reflexes on his straight steal of home:


But during the Orioles' 11-7 win over the Padres on Tuesday, Melvin Upton Jr. decided to completely drop his human identity and finally, fully reveal his true superhero powers to us all. In the first inning, he demolished a baseball 465 feet -- the longest by a Padre in the Statcast era:

And then, if that wasn't enough for all you non-believers to start believing in Upton's super-human powers, he turned an all-time great double play in the very next inning:

Who knows what's next? Maybe he'll supress a black hole? Perhaps he'll zoom into the sky and do his own fly-over at this year's All-Star Game at Petco Park? For now, please just listen to this music and gaze at our intrepid hero in the below photo until you fall asleep tonight: