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Mets ballboy gives away Michael Taylor's first big league homer ball, then has to ask for it back

Taylor hits first career HR, ballboy gives it to fan

Nationals outfield prospect Michael Taylor became the seventh rookie to homer in his MLB debut this season when he took a Carlos Torres pitch deep the opposite way in a rout of the Mets on Tuesday. The ball left the yard just briefly, though, bouncing back onto the field out in right.


A Mets ballboy jogged out to retrieve what would surely be a lovely souvenir for Taylor ... and then tossed it to a young fan seated down the right-field line.


Luckily for Taylor (and that ballboy's conscience), a security guard was able to exchange the priceless reminder of Taylor's entrance to the bigs for a less monumental souvenir. 

We're pretty sure that that's in direct violation of the unspoken "no takebacks" souvenir policy, but everybody went home happy so, we'll let it slide.

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