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A passionate Mets fan tore open his jersey to prove his next-level Bartolo Colon fandom

Bartolo Colon is a treasure. Everybody knows that. This season alone has featured two landmark achievements for the Mets' right-hander, from his earth-shattering first career home run and, recently, the very first base on balls he's drawn as a hitter. 

As beloved as Bartolo is, it's easy to see fans getting excited when he's doing his thing on the mound. And in Saturday's Mets-Giants game at AT&T Park, one Mets fan behind home plate found himself so inspired, he decided to rip open his jersey and do ... this: 

Why did he choose this particular way to show his love for Colon? No one knows, though it is pretty amusing. And we have to hand it to Bartolo for being able to cast aside the obvious visual distraction and continue his task of facing Joe Panik -- and succeeding, as Colon coaxed Panik into an inning-ending 6-4-3 double play. 

That's focus. That's determination. That's Bartolo.