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Lucas Duda hits amazing Flubber foul ball that no fan or ballboy is able to grab

Lucas Duda hits a foul ball that no fan can catch

Apparently when Lucas Duda isn't in the batting cage or dressing up as a cowboy, he's hard at work in his laboratory, developing insane Jell-O-like creations. We know this because in the top of the fourth inning of Saturday afternoon's game against the Yankees, Duda pulled Michael Pineda's pitch down the right-field line. 

But as it bounced around the field boxes, the ball evaded the fans' grasp like it was, well, Flubber. 


Seriously, compare that to this and just try and tell me they're not the same thing. 

Either that or the dreaded butter disease, which leaves a thick, delicious butter-y layer atop your fingers and hands, infected all the fans. Both seem pretty likely. 

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