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Mets fans lose minds, disregard personal space trying to pull in Wilmer Flores' game-tying homer

Mets fans scramble after Wilmer Flores' home run

As of Thursday morning, the 12-3 Mets hold the best record in the National League and might be the hottest team in MLB. Between Matt Harvey's superheroics, Juan Lagares channeling legitimate sorcery, Bartolo Colon raking his way to two RBIs and a 10-game winning streak, fans in Queens are certifiably amped. Amped in a way that makes them collectively lose their gourds to reel in a Wilmer Flores home run.


Granted, this wasn't just any Flores home run: It also tied the game in the seventh inning, setting up the Mets for the go-ahead run in the eighth. So, when the ball cleared the outfield fence and bounced off of one fan's hands, it made sense that his friends (?) would lunge for the ball with little regard for personal space. Souvenirs from Citi Field are hot commodities right now.  

Just wait to see what happens if the Mets win 20 games in a row. 

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