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Seth Lugo partly attributes his amazing curveball to playing Frisbee

Frisbee is fun. Sure, you can play competitively, but mostly it's a game you've played with your dog or your best buds those few times at summer camp. It's relaxing. It's casual. It's usually not the kind of thing that helps someone develop the best curveball spin rate in baseball:


Yet, that's what Seth Lugo told the New York Post last week. Although it's mostly from, you know, throwing baseballs, the Mets starter says there are some similarities to how he throws a disc:

"I have no way to check the physics behind that,'' Lugo said, "but I do give some credit to Frisbee golf, you have to snap that thing pretty good.''

You heard it here first, kids: If you want a great curveball, toss some Frisbees.