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Is history repeating itself? The Mets' 2015 World Series run looks awfully similar to 1986

Mets 2015 WS looks awfully similar to 1986 one

History repeats itself. 

Time is a flat circle. 

Retro is in.  

If the Royals aren't careful, their World Series lead may go the way of the dodo, Crystal Pepsi and the 1986 Red Sox. 

Because on Halloween, as everyone is listening to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show's" Time Warp, it appears that we may be trapped in a warp at this very minute. 

It's simple: 

But surely that's just coincidence right? Maybe not -- as it appears the scores of games from 29 years ago have some bearing on this year's World Series. Though perhaps not in the most expected of ways. 

After all, in 1986, the Red Sox won Game 2 by the score of 9-3. Which was the same score of the Mets' victory in Game 3 this year. And the Mets' 7-1 victory in Game 3 of '86? Yeah, that was the score of their loss in Game 2 this season. 

If 1986 is due for a repeat, the Mets will have to win Game 4 by four runs. Since there was only one game in that World Series with that difference, I guess we can just assume the Mets will win it by the score of 6-2. Or, perhaps it's simply a signal that Steven Matz (Anagram of A Mets Zen TV ... perhaps a sign that it will be a relaxing evening for Mets fans?) is 6-foot-2. 

Believe it or not at your own peril. We'll find out for sure when the two teams square off for Game 4 with airtime at 7:30 p.m. ET and gametime at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. 

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