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Michael Lorenzen has a cooler party trick than you do, should probably go join the circus

Reds pitcher Michael Lorenzen is a man of many talents. Not only is he one of the more effective relievers in baseball, he's got legit home run power and could maybe be a two-way player if given the opportunity. He's also probably the most in-shape human being in baseball and has pulled off some pretty jaw-dropping athletic feats over the years. 

His most recent circus act might be his most impressive yet. While visiting the MLB Network studios earlier this week, Lorenzen succeeded in balancing a cup of water on his head and then getting it back onto the ground without using his hands. It's pretty nuts.

Cup Challenge meet @boss suit @mlbnetwork

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Lorenzen has done this maneuver before, but that was at home, on a carpet and not in a full suit. Whenever his baseball career is over, there's a good chance Lorenzen could find some work in a traveling circus. What an athlete.