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Miguel Cabrera gets in quick workout by picking up Jose Altuve

Cabrera gets in quick workout by picking up Altuve

Looking to get his swole before Sunday's Tigers-Astros game, Miguel Cabrera decided to get a few dead lifts in by picking up Jose Altuve. 

Altuve and Miggy

Said Miguel Cabrera, had he been asked about it, "I find that that there's no better way to bulk up and get ready for summer beach season than by lifting the Astros second baseman." 

The Tigers trainer, were he aware of Cabrera's workout routine, surely would have added, "While doing dead lifts with Jose Altuve is a good way to add muscle definition, it's only a small part of a ballplayer's full workout." He then would have said, "I would have suggested doing some Russian decline twists while sitting on top of Chris Carter to strengthen the core, followed by a forward lunge press with Dallas Keuchel perched atop on your shoulders." 

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