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Miguel Cabrera's hidden-ball trick didn't work, but it was a valiant effort

We know Miguel Cabrera, home run slugger. We are well acquainted with Miguel Cabrera, two-time American League MVP. During Tuesday's Tigers-A's matchup, we were introduced to a new friend: Miguel Cabrera, thespian.

With A's center fielder Billy Burns on first base during the first inning, Cabrera was apparently struck with a desire to act. When David Price attempted a pickoff over to first, Cabrera pretended he missed the catch and lurched off after the ball, which was actually in his glove. It was a classic hidden-ball trick, except it fooled no one.


Burns remained steadfast on the base and everyone had a hearty laugh over Miggy's attempted tomfoolery. Cabrera, gracious in defeat, took a bow.

And, hey, a well-deserved one at that. He is nothing if not committed to his craft.