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Mike Aviles fields foul ball, proceeds to fling it somewhere in the general vicinity of first base

It's not often in baseball that you have the opportunity to just do whatever the heck you want -- every pitch requires focus, every play demands a certain response. But remember back in your tee-ball days, when you definitely grounded out to the shortstop but the coaches decided to let you keep running around the bases like a mad man anyway, just because? What happened to the joie de vivre? Where's the childlike innocence that once made us think, "You know, throwing the ball to center field right now sounds like fun"? 

Mike Aviles tried to recapture a little of that youthful spirit on Friday night against the White Sox. He fielded a grounder down the third-base line and, knowing it had rolled foul, decided to just fling that thing to ... well, to no one in particular: 

Aviles throw

Here's to you, Mike Aviles, for reminding us that sometimes, we should just throw a baseball for its own sake, and not worry about those pesky "rules" or any kind of "field." May you continue to play like no one is watching.