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Mike Carp and Andrew Cashner were not playing their usual positions on Thursday

On a typical night, Mike Carp is a Red Sox first baseman/outfielder and Andrew Cashner is a Padres starting pitcher. But on Thursday night, ladies and gentlemen, things got wonky.

Not wanting to waste a reliever during a 14-5 loss to the Yankees, the Red Sox put Carp on the mound in the ninth inning. The 27-year-old didn't show much promise, giving up a run on five walks. But he did showcase a lively knuckleball. Look at that form:


Later in the night, Cashner was called upon to play left field for the Padres in D.C. Thankfully, it was only for one batter before a double-switch. Manager Bud Black didn't want to waste position players in an extra-inning game. Cash looked a little nervous, and his glove may have been broken: