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Mike Moustakas' ALCS rail-flipping, stands-crashing catch is getting the tribute it deserves

Image via Royals on Twitter

It was the top of the sixth inning in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series. Adam Jones hit a high pop up into foul territory by third base. Mike Moustakas chased the soaring ball over to the stands and didn't think twice: He stretched out over the railing, flipped over and landed in the laps of the fans on the other side. Oh, and he made the catch.


It was one of many impressive and memorable defensive plays made by the Royals last postseason. And now, the feat is memorialized in the most fitting of baseball tributes: Bobblehead.

Moustakas' teammates approve of this veritable work of art, which will be given away during the Royals' game on June 20 against the Red Sox.

WHAT!!!! So tight! #moooooooooooooooooooooooo #bestbobbleheadever

A photo posted by Eric Hosmer (@hosmer305) on

Really, the resemblance is uncanny:


And here's the moment from the front:


OK, and here it is from every angle you could ever want:

A bobblehead-worthy catch if we ever saw one.