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Mike Napoli crushed a foul ball out of Progressive Field and into the street (again)

Second photo via Hailey Ellis, Correspondent.

After his teammates blasted a trio of home runs in the third inning to put the Indians up, 4-2, over the Red Sox in Game 1 of the ALDS on Thursday night (which Cleveland won, 5-4), Mike Napoli nearly made it four. With his arms that are less arms and more a pair of thrashing tyrannosaurus necks, he obliterated a pitch from Rick Porcello that left his bat at 116 mph, flew foul and landed approximately ... here:


Yes, it flew outside of Progressive Field, sending fans in the street scrambling to retrieve the ball. Here's the view from the landing spot:


Funny thing is, this is the second baseball in less than a month that Napoli has crushed out of the ballpark. Apparently the #PartyAtNapolis cannot be contained. 

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