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Mike Trout absolutely destroyed a home run in KC, and a Mike Trout fan happened to be there to snag it

There are two things to note about this Mike Trout home run from Thursday's Angels-Royals game:

1. If this video doesn't scare you just a little bit, you aren't human. But, then again, neither is Mike Trout -- most humans have enough empathy to know that doing stuff like that to baseballs is just plain cruel. Have a heart, Mike.

2. If, like me, you thought that ball had simply disintegrated after it's journey to the moon and back, you'd be wrong. Pay close attention to the video, and you'll see that an Angels fan happened be the one to recover the ball. His name is Brandon Ross.

Ross is a lifelong Angels fan who made sure he'd be at the series opener between KC and LA, and when he saw his favorite player hit a homer to astronomically-deep center, he made sure he'd be the one to grab it.

"He hit it, and I got up off my seat. Threw my drink down, jumped in the bushes, and grabbed it," Ross said, gesturing to the newly formed grass stains on his pants.

Ross didn't mention whether the ball was still hot after reentering the Earth's atmosphere, but we're thinking it was.


-- Dakota Gardner /

(Reporting and photo from Henry Wear / Real-Time Correspondent)