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Mike Trout is psyched about the bomb cyclone, and other players who are having fun offseasons

The following is a transcript of a segment from this week's episode of the Cut4Cast podcast. To hear more of the Cut4 staff's weekly banterings about which position player is the best at pitching or how baseball would work in outer space, subscribe to the Cut4Cast by clicking here.

Dakota: Who is having the most fun offseason? We see these players are Instagramming and Tweeting from all around the world, on their vacations, or stay-catcions. Who do you think is having the best time? Gemma, what do you think?

Gemma: I mean, I think everyone is having a really good time. Marcus Stroman is in Dubai, hanging out.

Dakota: He didn't dab in Dubai.

Gemma: Not that we know -- he didn't chronicle it. Steven Matz got married, that seemed fun. People are having a great time. Sean Doolittle -- we'll talk about it later -- saw Star Wars. That must have been dope for him. I was looking through some of the things we've written and I realized there seem to be two people who seem to be having an extremely relaxing offseason, which I like.


Gemma: One is, of course, Bartolo Colon, who just Facebooked a five-minute video of him feeding pigeons. And that's great. Very calm. Just goes feeds the pigeons outside. And Mark Melancon, who is holding a sheep like a baby and just hanging out with it.

Dakota: I was going to talk about that too. That seems like a very nice offseason.

Gemma: Yeah. That picture just filled me with so much joy because the sheep looks really happy. And I'm sure it's really soft.

Dakota: He was in New Zealand, which is a famously beautiful country.

Gemma: That's really great. It just seems like there are many players in warm locations. Noah Syndergaard tweeted the other day saying something like "I'm playing catch on a beach in 70 degree weather." I was like, 'It's 19 degrees here and I hate you."

Dakota: It was snowing in Florida today. We're recording this on Wednesday and it is literally snowing in Florida.

Gemma: We're in the mix of this polar vortex-slash-it's about to become the bomb cyclone or whatever.

Dakota: Bomb cyclone! We need to get Mike Trout on the podcast to explain this. There have been multiple weather events that they keep ratcheting up as, like, an action hero. It was polar vortex, now it's bomb cyclone. Come on.

Gemma: What is this, a Liam Neeson movie?

Dakota: Clair, who is having the most fun offseason?

Michael: I will say, earlier today on MLB Network Radio, Jim Cantore said he's been talking to Mike Trout all week and, quote, "he's so excited about the storm right now he's been blowing up my phone." I just think that's amazing that Mike Trout is sitting around, like, "Yo, Jim! You watching the same thing I am? Get that Doppler out, baby!"

Gemma: Is Mike Trout in New Jersey right now?

Dakota: I think so, because he's always tweeting photos of his weather channel app and it'll say Millville. Look at how cold it is!

Gemma: So he'll be right in the bomb cyclone.

Dakota: We talk about this in just about every episode, because this is the greatest interest of just about any Major League baseball player.

Gemma: The fact is, if you said to someone, my interest is weather, I'd say, "That's so boring." But he's actually so into it that it becomes interesting.

Dakota: Nothing compares! And he knows about the science. He's not just like, oh, it's cold out. He'll talk about the clouds and stuff. Sorry to totally derail your point there, Clair.

Gemma: Is he having the best offseason, Clair, talking about the weather?

Michael: No. Wade Davis is, and here's why. It has very little to do with his contract. If it does have anything to do with his contract, it's because he's FINALLY the top Wade Davis when you search his name on Google. For a long time, it was the explorer and anthropologist Wade Davis.

Dakota: Nonsense.

Michael: I can't say for sure if it's because of the contract, but I have, every couple months, searched Wade Davis, and thought "How is he not the top Wade Davis in Google?" As someone who searches his own name and finds a dentist who was indicted for using paper clips in his dental surgery -- dentist Michael Clair from Massachusetts -- I know how important this whole Google search thing is. I'm very happy for Wade Davis and I'm sure he's just sitting at home thinking I'm going to Colorado but I'm also No.1 on Google.

Gardner: Great.

Kaneko: That's really important.

Gardner: I like that you've checked on this. That it hits you every couple of months and you say, I should check on Wade Davis to see.

Clair: Listen, it's not going to surprise you when I say I've wanted to do a post that says, Is this explorer Wade Davis or Wade Davis the baseball player. But I still don't know anything about explorer Wade Davis!

Gardner: Well, someone needs to do a post about explorer Wade Davis.

Kaneko: I can't believe you've never clicked on what was the first Google result for so long.

Clair: Well it just gets so boring. This isn't baseball! Oh, he discovered a new island, or something.

Gardner: My answer to this question, who is having the most fun offseason, is Aaron Judge, because he now gets to play with Giancarlo Stanton. That's the most fun offseason. But that's a little glib. I don't like to come off as glib. You know that Gemma, better than anybody. So I decided to answer Citi Field. Because it hosted a hockey game! How much fun is that? To play a different sport in a stadium. Outdoor hockey is super fun.

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